Maple Drops Hard Candies

Maple Drops

~Maple Drops~

Maple Drops are the perfect blend of maple, glucose and sucrose creating a delicious savory treat that is a favorite among kids of all ages!

These maple drops are so good we keep them around everywhere in case we crave one. In the glove box, next to the computer and in a bowl on the kitchen counter to name a few places we stach these candies.

Bottom line: Everyone loves them!

Blended Maple Candy Drops:

Small Maple leaf Candy Maple Drops Hard Candies
5oz (22 candies): $4.99 + $3.49(S&H)
16oz (70 candies): $13.99 + $5.99(S&H)
5 Pounds (350 candies): $59.99 + $14.99(S&H)
10 Pounds (700 candies): $99.99 + $19.99(S&H)
20 Pounds (1400 candies): $179.99 + $29.99(S&H)

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