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Maple Drops

~Maple Drops Candy~

Maple drops candies are a hard candy that is made with 35% pure maple syrup. They have a strong maple flavor and dissolve slowly giving you a long lasting maple treat. They are individually wrapped and keep fresh for a very long time, over a year in fact!

These maple drops are so good we stash them around in nooks and crannies everywhere in case a craving should strike. They are perfect for the glove box, next to the computer or in a bowl on the kitchen counter. Many people swear that a maple drop is the best throat lozenge available.

Bottom line: Everyone loves them!

Small Maple leaf Candy
Maple Drops Hard Candies

5oz White Bag (22 Candies):$5.99
16oz White Bag (70 Candies):$14.99
5 Pound White Bag (350 Candies):$59.99
11 Pounds Bulk Bag (770 Candies):$119.99
22 Pounds Bulk Bag (1540 candies):$199.99

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