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Boxed Maple candy

We simmer select pure Vermont maple syrup for just the right amount of time, and as it cools we hand stir before pouring it into maple leaf shaped candy molds. Our unique maple candy process is a bit of a trade secret, but we can say that we produce it the old fashioned way, just like our grandparents did, without the use of candy machines. It's no small coincidence that with our process, our maple candy turns out soft and melts in your mouth plus we crystal coat it in a pure maple syrup concentrate so that it always tastes fresh. Simply put, we believe that our maple candy is the best in world, but don't feel like you need to take our word for it; give it a try yourself and be reminded of what maple candy was like back when you were a kid.

We offer our award winning pure Vermont maple sugar candy in both conventional and certified organic. Both versions are made with the same exact recipe, so as far as candy flavor and texture are concerned, they are the same. Maple syrup is naturally organic and we don't use herbicides, pesticides or fertalizers in our forest, so the conventional version is guaranteed natural and clean. The organic version has taken this to the next level, with the ingredient integrity and production process certified by ECOCERT ICO.

To distinguish between the two, certified organic maple candy is packaged in a beautiful black and gold box while conventional in a box that depicts an iconic view of Mount Mansfield as seen from our farm.

Small Maple leaf Candy
Vermont Maple Leaf
0.33oz Each

½ Pound Conventional (24 candies):$13.99
1 Pound Conventional (48 candies):$20.99
5 Pounds Conventional (5 1-lb boxes):$102.45
10 Pounds Conventional (10 1-lb boxes):$199.90

½ Pound Organic (24 candies):$15.99
1 Pound Organic (48 candies):$22.99
5 Pounds Organic (5 1-lb boxes):$112.45
10 Pounds Organic (10 1-lb boxes):$219.90

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